Do You Have IT Security Services We Can Help With?


IT Security Assessments & Consulting – The best defense is vigilance

We can help you protect your business by assessing possible risk and taking steps to mitigate it, as well as monitoring the result. That starts with self-defense basics: defining the nature of the risk, determining how it threatens information system security, then evaluating protective measures, keeping in mind the economic and other costs of those measures. This means identifying possible threats, vulnerabilities to those threats, possible countermeasures, impact and likelihood. Risk mitigation may include upgrading systems to minimize the likelihood of a breach. Finally, risk management includes monitoring the system on an ongoing basis to see if the risk mitigation interventions produced the desired results.

Cybersecurity – Do you practice safe computing?

Keeping your business safe from digital exploitation requires a multilayer cybersecurity approach. We’ll help ensure you stay protected by deploying the right combination of firewalls, end-point anti-virus security, email filtering, website blocking, network intrusion protection, and even staff awareness and education. We also offer Network Penetration Testing that can be required for regulatory compliance. We’ll help you determine which protective measures are most appropriate for your information systems.

Security video and access control – See. Record. Protect.

Video security and electronic facility access have now reached price points that put them well within the reach of small and medium size businesses. However, the data-intensive nature of these applications and increasing concerns with offshore device manufacture make it critical to select the right implementation partner. We partner with one of the region’s leading security specialists to deliver American-made solutions that offer the best combination of performance, ease of use, and reliability.

Want To Know More?

We’ll help you plan for technology, keep your IT assets current, proactively maintain computer health, troubleshoot day-to-day issues encountered by your team, and make sure your data stays protected and backed up.