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Digital Faxing

If you’re replacing a more costly onpremise phone system with a hosted solution, chances are you still have a dedicated fax line. Legacy analog Fax technology is often sensitive to line latency (delays), rendering it unreliable in some digital IP-based systems. PFTConnect’s cloud-based efax technology ensures problem-free fax operation and offers useful new options for sending and receiving faxes.

Sending Faxes

Send faxes from your desktop or laptop to any fax number in the world, including legacy analog fax machines. There’s no additional software to load. It’s easy to manage fax communications right in your email application, such as Microsoft Outlook. You can by notified by email regarding fax delivery, an essential feature for regulated industries.

Receiving Faxes

  • You can elect to receive faxes on your existing analog fax machine or in an email. Fax to email is a low-cost, easy to use, minimal-maintenance alternative to traditional faxing. PFTConnect even includes localized fax numbers to many cities throughout the world, to project a closer customer presence.  eFax improves communications management, allowing staff to quickly and easily forward received faxes in PDF format to colleagues or associates. electronically store important documents, and access real-time web reporting and management.

Digital Fax is easier to manage and saves money! Simply delete junk and unwanted faxes without wasting paper or toner. Why not eliminate the cost of your stand-alone fax machines, and any associated internal servers and lines?  With Digital Fax there is no need to buy or maintain equipment, incur paper costs, or buy expensive toner cartridges.

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